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Lily Flower Gift Plant

The Lily flower is a graceful addition to the home garden or a nice pot by the window. Whether grown outdoors or in an indoor pot, the bright lily colors and unusual spots can add personality to a garden. The Lily flower symbolizes purity and refined beauty. Moreover, it is a symbol of purity and extraordinary beauty. Read More

Growing Green Roof

A Growing Green Roof is a roof on top of a building which is covered with greenery and vegetation. This may be done either by planting plants directly onto the roof or through growing in containers.  Also known as green roofs, growing roofs are becoming extremely popular in developing countries in order to combat the Read More

Red Rose Garden – Beginner’s Guide

If you are planning to start a red rose garden in the near future, here’s your beginner’s guide from us to how you can grow healthy and beautiful rose bushes.   Although it may seem like a difficult task but it reality it really isn’t. All you will need is well-watered fertile ground. The best time Read More

Container Vegetable Garden

Every heard of a Container Vegetable Garden? You can grow your favourite flowers and vegetables anywhere by planting them in beautiful containers that enhance the setting. Container gardening in self-watering pots and planters allows you to garden anywhere!  Having The Right Pot for Container Gardening is a key element of a Container Vegetable Garden Picking Read More

Garden Design

A blossoming garden design adds a cheerful warmth to the entrance of your home. It can likewise furnish you with cut blooms and pull in pollinators such as honey bees and butterflies to your garden. Begin little  Excitement for planting is incredible, yet can quickly drop as the work load mounts. Begin with a little Read More

Pansy Flowers Gift Basket

Every thought of sending a planted flowers gift basket bouquet instead of cut flowers? Pansy Flowers are sun loving plants and regarded as a symbol of remembrance! Just like the rose, lily and orchid plants beautiful pansy flowers are a treat for gardening. Plant flower basket are the new trend of sending your love and Read More

Indoor Plants Care: Three Basic Tips

Keeping indoor plants alive and kicking isn’t as difficult a job as it may apparently seem. In fact, with just a few easy measures on indoor plants basics you can keep all your beloved plants super healthy and beautiful. Take a look at the following tips for beautiful and green plants.   Tip No. 1 Read More

Indoor Ornamental Plants Benefits

Indoor Ornamental Plants have a million times more therapeutic benefits than we can ever imagine! As air pollution becomes a rising concern among masses, it has been found that indoor air may be as polluted as the outdoor air.  As a result, Indoor Ornamental Plants do much more than just beautifying your house. There are Read More

Plant Care

Has taking care of flowers and plants ever become a challenging game of trial and error for you?

Plant Care

Plant Care

Ever wondered if your new friend is happy or not? Does it need more sunlight, water or perhaps plant food would help?

If you have been lucky, your plants are still surviving. Sorry if it’s otherwise. But you have learnt your lesson so let’s begin to explore a little about how you can keep your plants hale and hearty throughout their life. Read More

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